Relay For Life Donation Letter

Fundraising Letter Tips For Relay For Life

Make it personal
Refer to those who you know who are battling cancer or have lost the fight. People respond and relate to a personal cause.

Tell them where and how to donate. If your event has on-line registration, give them on the on-line link to donate. Lots of people love to donate online!

Be original
An original letter – including photos, a unique spin, etc. will get people’s attention.

Early on, make the ask
Don’t limit your donors, but ask for a specific range. A good phrase to use is to ask for “$10, $20, $50 or whatever your budget will allow.”

Balance fact with feeling
Include items that match reason with emotion:

  • What Relay For Life is (fact)
  • Why you are involved and what it means to you (feeling)
  • When your Relay event is and where the money goes (facts)
  • Describe the luminaria ceremony (feeling)
  • Tell how to purchase a luminaria to honor someone they love (fact and feeling)
  • Include a receipt on the back or bottom of the letter and a luminaria sign-up form. Also, remind them to seek a company gift-match if offered.

    Click here for the rest of the Relay For Life donation letter including a sample letter you can copy.

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    1. My spouse and I had difficulties determining the best way to prepare a respectable contribution request document. Once you actually get started you realise it is a great deal more difficult than you actually assumed. I had been performing the fund raising for my local rotary club.

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