Golf Ball Drop Raffle

Golf Balls From Above Fundraiser Event
Often referred to as Golf Balls From Heaven or Golf Balls From Above, a golf ball drop raffle makes an excellent fundraiser event. The premise is straightforward. You sell numbered raffle chances based on the winner being the closest to the target’s center in a drop of numbered golf balls.

One ideal way to drop the golf balls that provides great fun for spectators is to use a tethered hot air balloon suspended above a huge bullseye target painted on a field. Another method is to drop the golf balls from a helicopter as it hovers above the target.

Either way, the cascade of several thousand golf balls plummeting toward the target has great spectator appeal.

Event specifics
While selling raffle chances is the bulk of the fundraising activity, you can also generate plenty of additional profits by making the drop event into a big party. You can add live music, serve food and drinks, offer donated items in silent auction bids, and even do a live auction of the best items such as a vacation getaway, spa package, or other attractive prizes.

Or, you can add a golf ball drop raffle whenever you’re planning a charity golf tournament or organizing a charity event. It’s an easy way to add tens of thousands of dollars to just about any fundraiser. All you need is a place to drop the balls and an eager sales force to sell the raffle chances.

At the center of the target area, plant a golf course flag in a hole cut in the grass. The winning ball is the one that’s closest to the hole. In case of a tie, combine two prizes and split the money between the two winners.

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