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Tips On Writing a Letter Of Appeal
When writing an appeal letter, you have to play to your reader’s emotions. Your letter must rouse an emotional response with it’s first paragraph, not blandly recite boring facts.

Grab their interest by creating a villain, flatter their wisdom, use guilt to appeal to their conscience, or appeal to their social status with an air of exclusivity. A letter of appeal that fails to quickly stir up the reader’s emotions is destined for the wastebasket.

In fact, write each sentence of your letter with the knowledge that people read their mail within six feet of a trash can. Knowing that will imbue a sense of urgency in each paragraph that will make the reader continue on to the next paragraph and then the next and the next and so on.

What To Say
A fundraising appeal letter that speaks to their heart will get read. You want what you say to pack a powerful emotional punch. Anger and guilt are two very powerful triggers, so how do you use them in your appeal?

Simply write from your heart with passion about what makes you so angry that you’re trying to fix it. Sprinkle in a little personalized guilt about what happens to those that didn’t receive help because of a lack of funding.

Expose your reader to the dark side with a vivid portrait of the problem you’re attacking. Make it personal and make it come alive in their mind’s eye.

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