Youth Sports Fundraising

Looking for some tips on improving your youth sports fundraising? Fundraiser Help says focus on these seven factors and easily double your results.

Product Selection
In youth sports fundraising, it’s so important to select the right products to sell. The right product is one that has mass appeal, an above average price point, and good profit margins.

Product Price Point
Product offerings should be at an attractive price point. This means it should be neither high nor low, but right in the comfort zone that encourages people to open their wallets. Produce bigger numbers by offering product bundles.

Product Profitability
It’s important that your fundraising product has a high profit margin. Many standard items have a profit margin of 50%. Ideally, try to make 80% with products like discount cards for two-for-one fast food deals.

Sales Script
Don’t send your sellers out unprepared. Part of youth sports is teaching. Helping kids with their sales skills goes a long way toward building self confidence.

    Here’s what to tell them:

1 – Make eye contact, smile and introduce yourself.
2 – Say one sentence about why you are raising funds.
3 – Say second sentence that asks for their help.
4 – Make sure that sentence includes the word “because”.
5 – Extend sample item, catalog, or order sheet.
6 – Suggest a personal favorite item or bundle.
7 – Always ask for the order.

Increase Prospects
Once your kids know what to say, they have to have prospects for their sales pitch. Have everyone make a list of their potential customers. Have each seller stand up in front of their teammates and state how many prospects they have. Then have them make a commitment to raising a certain financial amount. Set sales quotas. Encourage competition by offering prizes for top sellers.

Location Sales
Boost your youth sports fundraising by going where the prospects are. Reach incredible numbers of people by setting up fundraiser sales tables at entrances to high-traffic retail locations. Grocery stores, home improvement stores, and mass merchandisers have hundreds of prospects available. Get permission in advance from the store manager.

Have Fun
Always make raising funds fun for the kids. Their emotions are subconsciously communicated to each potential prospect. Tell them to smile, state your team’s need, then ask directly for help. That will create a favorable response.

If they’re looking down and mumbling, people will pass on the offer. Get kids involved by having some competition, include fun activities in the process, and have some rewards waiting for success.

Follow these seven tips and your team’s fundraising effort will be a big success.

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