Bilateral Agreement Between Easa And Caac

Do you think that this bilateral agreement benefits one party more than the other? Does anyone have “a raw market?” Let us know your thoughts in the comments. The normalization of diplomatic relations between Bahrain and Israel has resulted in a new maintenance agreement under which Gulf Air aircraft are maintained by Israel Aerospace Industries. IAI states that its aviation group has a “comprehensive technical response” to all Gulf Air aircraft that … The agreement will also promote eu-China cooperation in the area of safety and the environment in the field of civil aviation. “Today`s agreements show the potential of our partnership and we should continue on this path of cooperation,” Juncker said. On 1 September, a bilateral security agreement between the European and Chinese aviation surveillance authorities came into force, paving the way for simplified assessment and certification procedures for aircraft carriers in both regions. A regulatory agreement between the EU and China has come into force, which makes it easier for European and Chinese manufacturers to obtain product approvals for aircraft and their components. According to the information provided, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency held a joint meeting with its Chinese counterparts on 3 September, during which both sides adopted technical implementation procedures to support the security agreement. “Cooperation, openness and fulfillment of the promise made by the leaders of both sides are bound by the agreements,” said Ambassador Zhang Ming, head of China`s mission to the EU.

1. Bilateral Civil Aviation Safety Agreement (BASA): mutual recognition of safety assessments and certification of civil aviation. In addition, the agreement is part of joint efforts by China and the EU to improve the level of security of civil aviation, particularly after the crashes and the recent risk to the safety of US Boeing 737 aircraft. “The agreements (Monday) meet the development needs of the aviation industry in China and the EU… and provide a legal basis for the air operations of both parties,” Feng Zhenglin, CAac`s CEO, told Xinhua. Aviation is the safest, fastest and most efficient form of long-distance transport.

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