Public Service Wage Agreement 2018

Discussions continued earlier this week, when the Public Services Association (PSA) called for a general wage increase of 12%. The government has proposed an increase of 7% for lower-level workers, 6.5% for mid-level workers and 6% for managers. But the unions argued that the employer`s challenge was that they were negotiating with various means to save money to raise money from wage increases, and now that the government had not, it wanted workers to bear the main burden of their challenge. Minister Dlodlo added: “In today`s economic environment, it is important to balance our spending on payroll and the resources needed to deliver services, while taking into account the burden on our public finances due to the slow economy.” READ ALSO: The Ministry of Finance defends the decision to freeze increases for the public sector The fact that a majority of trade unions have signed means that the wage contract is extended to all public officials. The government said it had reached the agreement in 2018, partly out of fear of negative publicity and the possibility of work disturbances. “As a PSA, we still think it`s a very negative matter that the minister (of the public service and administration) has proposed public officials,” he said. The Government will initiate proceedings to implement all aspects of the agreement, including all the compensation adjustments agreed upon by public servants: Minister Dlodlo thanks all parties for working hard to ensure that this agreement is negotiated in the best interests of all public servants and the general public. These wage negotiations took place in very difficult economic conditions, they were very exhausting and demanding for all the negotiating teams, which is why all the teams owe a big thank you for their professionalism, their commitment and their commitment to the country. The Minister also thanked the Committee of Ministers for its hard work.

Finally, the Minister commended the officials for their patience with the negotiation process. First, an employee-initiated severance package that will focus on encouraging public servants aged 60 to 65 to retire early, allowing the government to welcome more young people into the public service. The youth unemployment rate is currently 32.4%, and the worker-sponsored severance package will go a long way to solving the problem of youth unemployment in the country. The program will have short-term costs, but long-term gains such as reducing the total wage bill and creating jobs for young people. “Even if the court finds that the agreement is not valid, it has a wide margin of appreciation, given the context in which this agreement was reached and the behaviour of the cabinet and ministers, that the right way is not to let the government go. And also the importance of collective bargaining,” Maenetje said. The government said in a statement on Tuesday that it had seen uncertainty about the 2018 public service pay agreement by April 1, 2020. “In fact, payroll is really the biggest effort. The unions were also really proactive, which I appreciated. They don`t want to be the sacrificial lamb and they said there were a number of other areas where we can look at savings,” said the president.”As a government, we are pleased to have reached another multi-year agreement. The agreement proves that it is possible for both sides to reach an amicable agreement that puts the stability of the country and the provision of services at the forefront.

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