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Unit of measurement: unit for quantity. This drop-down list is replenished online on the basis of the Natural Health Products Use Manual. The most frequently used units (p.B grams, micrograms, milligrams, milliliters and percent) are displayed first, followed by the other units in alphabetical order. Non-discreet formulas – Unmeasured dose: Some natural health products in non-discreet forms such as creams and ointments may not need a measured dose. Instead, an unspecified amount of products should be administered, for example.B. “apply to the area as required.” If the dose type is not measured, there can be no standard dosing unit, so the quantities of medical ingredients must be expressed in percentages. It is important to keep the business profile up to date, as correspondence can be sent at any time by NNHPD. The Business Partner Profile form is used to maintain information about business partners, such as.B.: If you are a business partner, you can submit new applications (. B for example product, website, clinical trials, master files, etc.) electronically via a specific conversation in epost Connectâ„¢, without signing the document, because you can send your signature to your email address. For more information on business partners and registration, see Section 3. Forms of discrete formulations: for natural health products sold in the form of tablets, capsules, dressings or other discrete pharmaceutical forms, the standard dosing unit is a formulation unit (for example. B a capsule). A booking circuit is the unique five-digit code assigned to a single company by the NNHPD.

On the Candidates/Licensed page, the company code must be the one assigned to the applicant/licensee. The form will not check if the booking circuit is correct, therefore, make sure you use the correct booking circuit, do not use the third-party booking circuit, as this may delay the processing of your deposit and result in the rejection of your application. To get a booking tour, send a request via and enter “Company Code Request” in the subject line. Please specify in the text of the email the same company contact information that you will use to fill out your PLA web form, p.B. company name, address and official contact information. In accordance with natural health product regulations, product and site licenses are required before a natural health product is introduced to the market in Canada. This section describes the applications and bids required to meet the requirements of natural health product regulations. In addition, all the tools necessary to comply with the regulations of natural health products by the industry are available in the thematic section on the left of your screen. Discover new ways to expand your international presence. Canada`s broad (and growing) commercial network provides Canadian businesses with preferential access to various markets around the world.

This page examines Canada`s Free Trade Agreement (FTA), Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements (FIPA), multilateral agreements and World Trade Organization (WTO) agreements. Note: The texts of the treaty on this page are exclusively for information; the official texts of the treaties are published in the “Treaty of Canada” series. Non-discreet pharmaceutical forms – Measured dose: for natural health products in liquid form, The standard dosing unit is the measured amount of the product used in a single standard dose, for example. B 1 teaspoon, 5 ml, 1 drop, etc. Choose a filter: The search engine has a default setting for all types of ingredients. If you know the type of ingredient, you can check the type accordingly. Detailed definitions of ingredients can be included in the standard online terminology manual for natural health products. Turn on “Everybody” to search all types.

It is highly recommended to register and register your completed trading partner profile form.

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