Ufcw 1400 Collective Agreements

The website was designed to cater to the 1,400 local members, easy enough to understand and navigate, but complex enough to catch your eye and want to come back interesting enough for you. This is the WEBSITE of UFCW 1400 in Saskatchewan. For more information about UFCW Canada, please visit our national website at www.ufcw.ca The new agreement preserves the wage scale negotiated for new employees in the previous collective agreement, a point that has been crucial to the long-term competitiveness of retail, the union said. Employees voted on November 6 to accept Co-op`s offer and will return to work on November 8 after 36 days of work. I hope you will take the opportunity to visit our website and enjoy the information you discover. Many hours go to the construction of a website; Design, structure and content are all taken into account, but the most important aspect is the current information that supports members in their daily lives. Current information is the most important value of a union`s website and keeps members up to date. Creating a channel to provide information about their workplaces and the local union. “We are pleased that an agreement has been reached that has been fair to both parties,” said Gerry Onyskevitch, Co-op`s Executive Director. “Our final offer narrows the pay gap between long-term and recently hired workers.” I welcome your comments and suggestions to improve the content of our website and also encourage you to provide information that may be useful to our members by contacting you at the union office by phone or email. Please visit often. The structure is based on your union and informs you about the history, services and people who work and run their union. Content should allow members to access the services they need at any time, whether they contact a representative, outline rights, access forms or link you to other professional and community organizations.

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