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Green Products Fundraiser

Green Products Fundraiser – A Kansas City company has developed a green fundraiser using home cleaning products that are eco-friendly and inexpensive. The green products fundraiser is aimed at schools looking for fundraising products that offer a good value for families while protecting the environment. The products have vegetable and plant-derived cleaning agents and contain […]

Halloween Fundraiser

Halloween Fundraiser – For schools having a Halloween Fundraiser is a great way to raise money for the PTA or other school group. A Halloween Fundraiser is perfect timing because school has recently started and everyone is still gung-ho and full of energy. One of the most lucrative Halloween fundraiser ideas is to have your […]

Halloween Fundraiser

Halloween Fundraiser – Here’s a great way to raise fundsĀ with a Pumpkin Patch Halloween fundraiser that only takes a little bit of upfront money to get started. Here’s what you’ll need for your halloween fundraiser: A good roadside spot for sales Hay bales for backdrop A truckload of pumpkins Line up your location, organize your […]

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