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Million Dollar Breast Cancer Fundraiser

A breast cancer fundraiser is auctioning a $5 million dollar jewel-encrusted statue of a golden eagle containing 18 pounds of gold to raise $1 million for breast cancer research. The solid gold, jewel-encrusted Golden Eagle is similar to the famous “Maltese Falcon” of movie fame. The statue recently arrived at San Francisco’s John’s Grill for […]

Unique Fundraisers

Looking for some unique fundraising ideas? Over the years, I’ve come across quite a few good ideas for unique fundraisers. You can find a lot of them being discussed in our forum and learn how to raise maximum funds with any of our fundraising event ideas. Here’s a short list of unique fundraiser ideas: Pig […]

Penguin Pirates Blog Promo

Just ran across a funny blog traffic promo that I just had to join! Besides the penguin pirates, there’s a growing list of blogs worth reading that a group of bloggers are sharing. I’ll be updating my list daily as the promo gets rolling. Meanwhile, here’s the penguin pirates and the list: 101 Blogs Worth […]

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