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$64,000 Raised in Pants Fundraiser

$54 Million Pants Star in Fundraiser for Couple Cleaned Out by Legal Fees A now-famous pair of pants was the star attraction at a fundraiser Tuesday meant to help pay the bills of a dry-cleaner couple caught in a legal stitch. The $54 million pants, as they’ve come to be known, were the subject of […]

Stop Obsessing About PageRank

This is a bit of a rant about how some webmasters get totally obsessed with the Google PageRank of their site and spend a ton of time trying to boost their PR instead of trying to provide better answers/solutions to their site visitors needs. So, it was kind of a nice surprise to run across […]

Relay For Life Cancer Cookbook

Cookbook more than a fundraiser for Canadian Cancer Society – Many west coast residents will be Cooking For Life this summer. Andrea Newell, community resource co-ordinator for the Canadian Cancer Society, said the fundraiser in aid of the society’s western Newfoundland chapter came to them. She said Transcontinental made the suggestion and the partnership grew […]

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