Unique Fundraisers

Looking for some unique fundraising ideas? Over the years, I’ve come across quite a few good ideas for unique fundraisers. You can find a lot of them being discussed in our forum and learn how to raise maximum funds with any of our fundraising event ideas. Here’s a short list of unique fundraiser ideas: Pig […]

A’s For Africa School Fundraiser

Read a news story about a cute idea for a school fundraiser. In this one, students get pledges from sponsors to donate a certain amount for each A grade they get on their report card. The middle school students are using the concept of good grades to raise money to help students in Africa. A’s […]

School Fundraising

I get a lot of questions about school fundraising – what works best, which fundraiser should we do, how can we do better with our next one, etc. Well, there isn’t any one answer that applies to all situations, but there are some generalities that do apply. Parents need to be motivated You can’t fundraise […]