School Fundraising Success

Just posted a new article on school fundraising success. You have to decide which approach you want to take: 1 – Sell products 2 – Organize an event 3 – Sell raffle tickets For elementary schools, I always recommend that you do at least two events a year and one product fundraiser. Do some sort […]

Tupperware Fundraising

Raising Funds With Tupperware Tupperware fundraising is an easy way for schools to raise money. The products are high-quality and are also a familiar brand name. That recognition combined with an attractive and colorful product catalog makes this an easy school fundraiser. Tupperware fundraisers are usually done as standard catalog order-takers. Simply order the quantity […]

Fundraising: How to recruit more volunteers

Fundraiser Preparation: Recruiting Volunteers How to advice on recruiting volunteers and the best ways to handle personnel assignments. Start early As previously discussed, to get enough volunteers you need to start early. The best way to do that is by pre-recruiting them. In other words, go through last year’s files and select the members that […]