Fund Raising Ideas

Time for some new fund raising ideas for your group? Many school groups and nonprofits look for new fundraisers come Fall. So, what kind of new ideas are out there?

Here are some small-scale fund raising events worth trying:

  • Mini-golf tournament
  • Scrapbooking fundraiser
  • Karaoke or Lip Sync contest
  • Movie premiere fundraiser
  • Donkey basketball
  • Chair-ity event
  • Here are some new product-based fund raising ideas:

  • Seasonal fundraisers
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Jewelry
  • Pizza cards
  • Rather than make this a really long post by explaining all these topics, just use this link to read more about each of these fund raising ideas.

    By kimberly

    I am Kimberly Reynolds and the author of Fundraising Success, first published in 2002. I've been writing about fundraising ideas for schools. churches and youth sports groups since 1999. You can find the latest version of Fundraising Success on I also have some free reports about getting publicity for your next fundraiser event and how to recruit more volunteers available for you to download at


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    2. Please do not suggest or support “Donkey Basketball”, do you research on the subject… I’m not going to preach but it’s not right yo use animals especially in such a way that is not natural to them. Most animals that are used in these events are abused and I don’t feel that teaching our children that this practice is okay will do them anything but harm in the future.

    3. An easy way to ask for straight donations, if you’re tired of having to sell stuff or organize big events, is to do an online fundraiser. You can use online tools to help schools and PTA’s get donations from family, friends, grandparents, etc. for much higher returns than some of the business partnership stuff.

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