Christmas Fundraisers

Christmas Fundraisers – A great idea for churches, youth groups, and schools is to sell Christmas trees and holiday wreaths.

For many groups, Christmas fundraisers can be the biggest fundraising event of the year.  The key is planning and volunteer coordination.

Selling Christmas Trees is a great holiday fund raiser! Christmas tree lots are popular Christmas fundraisers.

 Things to remember when planning your Christmas fundraising event:

  • Recruit plenty of volunteers
  • Price it right
  • Advertising is the key
  • Make your Christmas tree lot stand out

Recruiting Volunteers – Have volunteers sign up in shifts. You’ll need volunteers to sell the trees, cut stumps and load the trees on cars, and others to make wreaths to sell from the trimmings.

Pricing – Know what your competition has and how it is priced. Price your trees and wreaths accordingly. Make sure potential customers know that all profits are for a good cause.

Don’t skimp on advertising – Your Christmas fundraising efforts will only be effective if people know you are there! Take advantage of newsletters, email lists and even TV and radio. 

Stand out from the crowd – Make your tree lot visually appealing. Use twinkle lights, yard ornaments and pretty signs. If your budget allows, get a snow making machine or one that blows bubbles that look like snow.

Additional information
We have hundreds of articles with fundraising advice on the best ways to raise funds.  Read this article for more details on fundraising with Christmas trees and this one to add Christmas carols to your holiday fund raiser event.

Fundraiser Help advice on having Christmas Fundraisers.

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  1. What are your thoughts about Christmas Cards? I have been a part of a couple charities that have done them and some have found that it worked and other it has been more work than needed.

  2. Your contact form on your website does not work. I’d love to have a conversation with you about fundraising trends. My name is David and I’m working at Ashoka’s Citizen Base Initiative. You could contact me through that site.

  3. Our school would like to find out how to get started selling christmas trees for a fundraiser? This is the first time for our group and we need information on the up front cost and so on. Thank you

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  7. The time to start planning for holiday fundraisers is now. Any tips on the best ways to get more volunteers?

  8. Thank you so much for this nice information on Christmas fundraising ideas. Our group will be selling trees and wreaths this year and expect to do very well with it. Thanks again.

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