Green Products Fundraiser

Green Products Fundraiser – A Kansas City company has developed a green fundraiser using home cleaning products that are eco-friendly and inexpensive.

Green products fundraiser

The green products fundraiser is aimed at schools looking for fundraising products that offer a good value for families while protecting the environment.

The products have vegetable and plant-derived cleaning agents and contain no volatile organic compounds, Noon says. There are no hazardous solvents or toxic chemicals, and the biodegradable products are made from sustainable resources.

Owner Bill Noon of Generations Go Green says his fundraiser idea combines selling green cleaning products with raising money for schools and organizations.

“We were trying to figure out how to introduce these products,” he says. “We’ve all heard how desperate schools are for money. We decided to develop a fundraising program. Why not sell them something they need?”

Students can sell four different packages ranging in price from $15 to $30. Each comes with a reusable grocery bag. The school keeps a percentage of the sales, and the students learn about the environment, Noon says.

And that’s the latest idea for a green products fundraiser.

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  1. Maybe the school can offer these off in an Online Raffle from the school website. The tickets can be bought for a small fee, and each person can buy as many as they like. Either that, or the school can host a huge “green” fundraising event that can raffle of several green products and all the funds will go to the school.

  2. Great! I was searching for something like this forever. I really wish that people would write more about this. I really appreciate the post

  3. I appreciate all the good info on how to do a “green” fundraiser. Sooo much better than selling candy and other overpriced stuff…

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