Green Products Fundraiser

Green Products Fundraiser – A Kansas City company has developed a green fundraiser using home cleaning products that are eco-friendly and inexpensive.

Green products fundraiser

The green products fundraiser is aimed at schools looking for fundraising products that offer a good value for families while protecting the environment.

The products have vegetable and plant-derived cleaning agents and contain no volatile organic compounds, Noon says. There are no hazardous solvents or toxic chemicals, and the biodegradable products are made from sustainable resources.

Owner Bill Noon of Generations Go Green says his fundraiser idea combines selling green cleaning products with raising money for schools and organizations.

“We were trying to figure out how to introduce these products,” he says. “We’ve all heard how desperate schools are for money. We decided to develop a fundraising program. Why not sell them something they need?”

Students can sell four different packages ranging in price from $15 to $30. Each comes with a reusable grocery bag. The school keeps a percentage of the sales, and the students learn about the environment, Noon says.

And that’s the latest idea for a green products fundraiser.

Halloween Fundraiser

Halloween Fundraiser – For schools having a Halloween Fundraiser is a great way to raise money for the PTA or other school group.

A Halloween Fundraiser is great for schools
A Halloween Fundraiser is great for schools

A Halloween Fundraiser is perfect timing because school has recently started and everyone is still gung-ho and full of energy.

A Pumpkin Patch is popular for Halloween Fundraisers
A Pumpkin Patch is popular for Halloween Fundraisers

One of the most lucrative Halloween fundraiser ideas is to have your own pumpkin patch.

You can hold your pumpkin fundraiser in conjunction with a school fall festival or as a sole fundraising event.

Publicity will be crutial to your success, so be sure not to skimp on that. Signs, letters home, a eyecatching post on the school website, even a press release will get more traffic.

Decorate your pumpkin patch to make it appealing to passers-by. Twinkle lights and the decorative use of bright fall colors go a long way toward people stopping at your pumpkin patch rather than the one around the corner.

Order your pumpkins locally if you can and don’t over buy, having too many left overs from your halloween fundraiser will cut into profits.

And those are some quick suggestions for having a Halloween Fundraiser.

Halloween Fundraiser

Halloween Fundraiser – Here’s a great way to raise funds with a Pumpkin Patch Halloween fundraiser that only takes a little bit of upfront money to get started.

Here’s what you’ll need for your halloween fundraiser:

  • A good roadside spot for sales
  • Hay bales for backdrop
  • A truckload of pumpkins

Line up your location, organize your volunteers into sales teams, and head to the local Farmer’s Market to buy a truckload of pumpkins and a dozen hay bales.

Spread out a few bales of hay on the ground and use the rest as backdrops. Scatter your pumpkins around on the hay with the best side facing the street.

Place roadside signs starting a few hundred yards away so drivers don’t have to decide at the last split-second to turn off into your parking area.

Price your Halloween pumpkins to make a profit, but don’t go overboard on the markup. Use the Saturday before Halloween for an all out push on pumpkin sales. Offer face painting and other fun activities to draw a crowd.

 And that’s how you put together your own Halloween fundraiser.

Unique Fundraisers

Looking for some unique fundraising ideas?

Over the years, I’ve come across quite a few good ideas for unique fundraisers. You can find a lot of them being discussed in our forum and learn how to raise maximum funds with any of our fundraising event ideas.

Here’s a short list of unique fundraiser ideas:

  • Pig Rasslin
  • Cow Plop Bingo
  • Machine Gun Shoot
  • National Poetry Slam
  • Breast Impressions
  • Parrots Of The Caribbean
  • Climbing Mount Everest
  • Church Toilet Paper Sale
  • Outhouse Fundraiser
  • Hopefully, these ideas will get your creative juices flowing so you can come up with your own unique fundraising idea!

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    Hillary’s Cleavage Becoming Fundraising Appeal

    In a sign that political fundraising can’t get much stranger, Hillary Clinton’s campaign is turning a Washington Post article about her cleavage into a fundraising appeal.

    Apparently, the Post’s fashion writer, Robin Givhan, noted that Clinton wore a black top with a low neckline during an appearance on the Senate floor. And of course, that turned into a brouhaha about the objectification of women and America’s cultural fascination with breasts.

    Frankly, I don’t give a fig about Hillary’s cleavage, but you have to admire the fund raising savvy of her campaign adviser, Ann Lewis, who is urging potential donors to “take a stand against this kind of coarseness and pettiness in American culture.”

    Why? Because controversy stirs emotions and gets people to take action to support their beliefs. And that’s what campaign fundraisers are paid to do – stir things up and get people donating to their candidate.

    I don’t know if Hillary’s cleavage will become a hot button issue in this campaign, but we all know it’s an issue that appeals to women and women are a big part of the turnout in primary elections.

    Look for Hillary to ride the cleavage coattails as far as she can.

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