Most Popular Fundraising Event Idea

I have to say that the most popular new fundraising event idea in 2012 has been the Hunger Games fundraiser. I don’t know if its just the extreme popularity of the books and the movie, but I’m getting more questions about how to do this type of event than all the other ones combined. Using cheap cloth table runners for those types of events are perfect when they’re themed like those at Hunger Games.

Hunger Games fundraiser

It’s probably because, at its core, a Hunger Games style event is extremely adaptable to all the fundraising variables such as group size, age of participants, amount of funds needed, available space and number of volunteers.

According to this fundraising management consultant, schools are doing this one with an academic component. Teens love it because they can identify with the characters and make their own Hunger Games outfits. Adults enjoy it because its new and different. Organizers see a Hunger Games competition as easy to promote and get sponsorships from local businesses.

And most importantly, its a huge draw for the event itself because everyone gets to passionately root 0n their favorites in all the different phases of the competition.

Big crowds + fun events = Successful fundraiser!

To see for yourself how successful this could be for your group, read the full article on along with my tips on how to get publicity and all the different ways to monetize your event.

If you are looking for something new and different for your next fundraising event, then I’d definitely recommend doing a Hunger Games fundraiser.

Christmas Fundraisers

Christmas Fundraisers – A great idea for churches, youth groups, and schools is to sell Christmas trees and holiday wreaths.

For many groups, Christmas fundraisers can be the biggest fundraising event of the year.  The key is planning and volunteer coordination.

Selling Christmas Trees is a great holiday fund raiser! Christmas tree lots are popular Christmas fundraisers.

 Things to remember when planning your Christmas fundraising event:

  • Recruit plenty of volunteers
  • Price it right
  • Advertising is the key
  • Make your Christmas tree lot stand out

Recruiting Volunteers – Have volunteers sign up in shifts. You’ll need volunteers to sell the trees, cut stumps and load the trees on cars, and others to make wreaths to sell from the trimmings.

Pricing – Know what your competition has and how it is priced. Price your trees and wreaths accordingly. Make sure potential customers know that all profits are for a good cause.

Don’t skimp on advertising – Your Christmas fundraising efforts will only be effective if people know you are there! Take advantage of newsletters, email lists and even TV and radio. 

Stand out from the crowd – Make your tree lot visually appealing. Use twinkle lights, yard ornaments and pretty signs. If your budget allows, get a snow making machine or one that blows bubbles that look like snow.

Additional information
We have hundreds of articles with fundraising advice on the best ways to raise funds.  Read this article for more details on fundraising with Christmas trees and this one to add Christmas carols to your holiday fund raiser event.

Fundraiser Help advice on having Christmas Fundraisers.

Unique Fundraisers

Looking for some unique fundraising ideas?

Over the years, I’ve come across quite a few good ideas for unique fundraisers. You can find a lot of them being discussed in our forum and learn how to raise maximum funds with any of our fundraising event ideas.

Here’s a short list of unique fundraiser ideas:

  • Pig Rasslin
  • Cow Plop Bingo
  • Machine Gun Shoot
  • National Poetry Slam
  • Breast Impressions
  • Parrots Of The Caribbean
  • Climbing Mount Everest
  • Church Toilet Paper Sale
  • Outhouse Fundraiser
  • Hopefully, these ideas will get your creative juices flowing so you can come up with your own unique fundraising idea!

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    Oprah To Host Obama Fundraiser

    Barack Obama continues to build fundraising momentum with the announcement that Oprah Winfrey will host a fundraiser for the candidate at her home in Santa Barbara, California.

    The queen of talk has used her magic to turn unknown authors into bestsellers and now it’s Obama’s turn to reap the publicity buzz. The September event was practically an instant sellout despite a hefty ticket price of $2,300 per person.

    Gotta love that “O” fundraising power!

    Hillary’s Cleavage Becoming Fundraising Appeal

    In a sign that political fundraising can’t get much stranger, Hillary Clinton’s campaign is turning a Washington Post article about her cleavage into a fundraising appeal.

    Apparently, the Post’s fashion writer, Robin Givhan, noted that Clinton wore a black top with a low neckline during an appearance on the Senate floor. And of course, that turned into a brouhaha about the objectification of women and America’s cultural fascination with breasts.

    Frankly, I don’t give a fig about Hillary’s cleavage, but you have to admire the fund raising savvy of her campaign adviser, Ann Lewis, who is urging potential donors to “take a stand against this kind of coarseness and pettiness in American culture.”

    Why? Because controversy stirs emotions and gets people to take action to support their beliefs. And that’s what campaign fundraisers are paid to do – stir things up and get people donating to their candidate.

    I don’t know if Hillary’s cleavage will become a hot button issue in this campaign, but we all know it’s an issue that appeals to women and women are a big part of the turnout in primary elections.

    Look for Hillary to ride the cleavage coattails as far as she can.

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