Green Fundraisers Help Environment While Raising Money For Schools

Across the nation, school groups are using green fundraisers to raise money and promote environmental awareness among students says Kimberly Reynolds of

School groups are increasingly turning to eco-friendly green fundraisers to raise much-needed funds while promoting environmental awareness among students and their families. Popular green fundraisers include recycling used printer cartridges, cell phones, laptops, and other obsolete small electronic items in exchange for cash payments from recycling companies.

“Green fundraisers are becoming more popular every year,” says Kimberly Reynolds, author of Fundraising Success and owner of the popular website. “Many school groups see these types of fundraising activities as teaching positive values to the students while providing a much-needed service to the community.”

“A recycling fundraiser can also be a year-round silent fundraiser just by providing drop-off boxes at schools and local businesses for disposal of used electronic items,” adds Reynolds. “Providing convenient drop-off boxes at various locations around town ensures the safe disposal of used electronic items while providing school groups with considerable revenue each year.”

Another eco-friendly fundraiser involves organizing community cleanup activities where supporters contribute a small amount per pound of waste collected. A Saturday cleanup of a recreational lake or nearby river can result in thousands of pounds of trash being gathered and removed from community property. To raise funds, school groups solicit family members, friends, and local business owners to contribute a penny per pound of trash removed from the cleanup site and then tally their haul.

Collecting one hundred pledges means a school group can raise one dollar per pound of trash collected or $2,000 per ton. Many groups report their volunteers collect several tons of discarded refuse from riverbanks and other illegal dumping sites while performing their community cleanup.

Green Products Fundraiser

Green Products Fundraiser – A Kansas City company has developed a green fundraiser using home cleaning products that are eco-friendly and inexpensive.

Green products fundraiser

The green products fundraiser is aimed at schools looking for fundraising products that offer a good value for families while protecting the environment.

The products have vegetable and plant-derived cleaning agents and contain no volatile organic compounds, Noon says. There are no hazardous solvents or toxic chemicals, and the biodegradable products are made from sustainable resources.

Owner Bill Noon of Generations Go Green says his fundraiser idea combines selling green cleaning products with raising money for schools and organizations.

“We were trying to figure out how to introduce these products,” he says. “We’ve all heard how desperate schools are for money. We decided to develop a fundraising program. Why not sell them something they need?”

Students can sell four different packages ranging in price from $15 to $30. Each comes with a reusable grocery bag. The school keeps a percentage of the sales, and the students learn about the environment, Noon says.

And that’s the latest idea for a green products fundraiser.

Halloween Fundraiser

Halloween Fundraiser – For schools having a Halloween Fundraiser is a great way to raise money for the PTA or other school group.

A Halloween Fundraiser is great for schools
A Halloween Fundraiser is great for schools

A Halloween Fundraiser is perfect timing because school has recently started and everyone is still gung-ho and full of energy.

A Pumpkin Patch is popular for Halloween Fundraisers
A Pumpkin Patch is popular for Halloween Fundraisers

One of the most lucrative Halloween fundraiser ideas is to have your own pumpkin patch.

You can hold your pumpkin fundraiser in conjunction with a school fall festival or as a sole fundraising event.

Publicity will be crutial to your success, so be sure not to skimp on that. Signs, letters home, a eyecatching post on the school website, even a press release will get more traffic.

Decorate your pumpkin patch to make it appealing to passers-by. Twinkle lights and the decorative use of bright fall colors go a long way toward people stopping at your pumpkin patch rather than the one around the corner.

Order your pumpkins locally if you can and don’t over buy, having too many left overs from your halloween fundraiser will cut into profits.

And those are some quick suggestions for having a Halloween Fundraiser.

Christmas Fundraisers

Christmas Fundraisers – A great idea for churches, youth groups, and schools is to sell Christmas trees and holiday wreaths.

For many groups, Christmas fundraisers can be the biggest fundraising event of the year.  The key is planning and volunteer coordination.

Selling Christmas Trees is a great holiday fund raiser! Christmas tree lots are popular Christmas fundraisers.

 Things to remember when planning your Christmas fundraising event:

  • Recruit plenty of volunteers
  • Price it right
  • Advertising is the key
  • Make your Christmas tree lot stand out

Recruiting Volunteers – Have volunteers sign up in shifts. You’ll need volunteers to sell the trees, cut stumps and load the trees on cars, and others to make wreaths to sell from the trimmings.

Pricing – Know what your competition has and how it is priced. Price your trees and wreaths accordingly. Make sure potential customers know that all profits are for a good cause.

Don’t skimp on advertising – Your Christmas fundraising efforts will only be effective if people know you are there! Take advantage of newsletters, email lists and even TV and radio. 

Stand out from the crowd – Make your tree lot visually appealing. Use twinkle lights, yard ornaments and pretty signs. If your budget allows, get a snow making machine or one that blows bubbles that look like snow.

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2008 Fundraising Calendars

2008 Fundraising Calendars – A great fundraiser for schools, sports teams and other groups is selling scenic or custom calendars.

For 2008, fundraising calendars are easier to create than ever.  Simply choose digital pictures of your team or group and submit them to your calendar supplier.

Calendar fundraisers are fun!
2008 fundraising calendar photo

Things to consider when doing a calendar fund raiser:

  • How many could you sell?
  • Price ranges
  • Profit margins
  • Do you want custom or general?

Sales tips
Some suppliers don’t have minumum purchase requirements so if you have a smaller group, look to those companies.

Pricing can vary wildly depending on how colorful or creative you want to be.  Typical cost for a calendar for fundraising is about $4-$5. 

Calendars sell well at around $10 to $12 for a high quality product.  Anytime you can get 50% to 60% profit on a fundraising product, you’ve done very well.

Think about what your potential customers will want in a calendar.  If you are selling to only your group, a custom calendar is the way to go because everyone likes to see pictures of themselves!  If you are selling to the general public, a calendar with popular scenes is the right choice.

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One supplier we recommend is Falling Leaf Publishing because they have high quality calendars, there are no up front costs, and no minumum purchase is required.

Fundraiser Help advice on doing 2008 fundraising calendars.