School Fundraising

I get a lot of questions about school fundraising – what works best, which fundraiser should we do, how can we do better with our next one, etc.

Well, there isn’t any one answer that applies to all situations, but there are some generalities that do apply.

  • Parents need to be motivated
  • You can’t fundraise all the time
  • You have to make the most out of each opportunity

So, what does that mean you should do?

As I mentioned in a previous post, I always recommend no more than three fundraisers a year with two of them being event oriented.

You motivate your school’s parents by clearly explaining the need for funds, what the money raised will be used for, and why each parent should pitch in and help to improve the school.

In return for pitching in on your one big fundraising product sale, you won’t need to fundraise all the time.

You make the most of your opportunities by adding in additional fundraising activities to your events such as silent auctions, raffles, live auctions, etc.

You also get the most out of fundraising product sale by also offering an alternate product with a high perceived value and a large profit margin such as a two-for-one pizza card. That way, if a customer doesn’t want to buy something from your catalog (or even if they do), you’ve got a great offering to snag some extra profit.

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School Fundraising Success

Just posted a new article on school fundraising success.

You have to decide which approach you want to take:

1 – Sell products
2 – Organize an event
3 – Sell raffle tickets

For elementary schools, I always recommend that you do at least two events a year and one product fundraiser.

Do some sort of athletic-based event in the fall, a product fundraiser in Oct-Nov timeframe, and a school carnival in the spring.

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Oprah To Host Obama Fundraiser

Barack Obama continues to build fundraising momentum with the announcement that Oprah Winfrey will host a fundraiser for the candidate at her home in Santa Barbara, California.

The queen of talk has used her magic to turn unknown authors into bestsellers and now it’s Obama’s turn to reap the publicity buzz. The September event was practically an instant sellout despite a hefty ticket price of $2,300 per person.

Gotta love that “O” fundraising power!