Sticky Note Mosaic Fundraiser

Courtney Pisano came up with a great fundraising idea – creating a giant sticky note mosaic at a local mall – to raise funds for her own non-profit organization called Children’s Lasting Power.

Courtney, 16, is a rising junior at Enloe High School in Raleigh, NC. The money raised will be donated to the Methodist Home for Children in Raleigh and the Masonic Home for Children at Oxford, NC.

She found out there was a world record for creating Post-it note mosaics and she instantly knew it was the perfect match for her fundraising efforts.

“I wanted something no one had really done before,” Courtney said. “And I wanted something where a lot of people could come together and help.”

The giant mosaic created in the main hallway at Triangle Town Center Mall needed 44,000 sticky notes and took a volunteer crew almost eight hours to complete.

Courtney raised $5,000 from corporate sponsors and from mall shoppers who donated $1 to sponsor a sticky note in the world record mosaic.

Courtney enlisted the help of volunteers to carefully place the colored squares in patterns.

“She comes up with good ideas, but I’ve never heard of anything like this before,” said Galen Pischke, a volunteer who spent six hours on the floor sticking down the squares.

“I’m taken by her creativity and enthusiasm, and I wanted to be a part of it,” said Carroll Cope, another volunteer, as she placed dozens of blue sticky notes into a row. “It’s admirable, and she is laying the groundwork for other people to think outside the box with fundraising.”

“Whether we break a record or not, raising money is a great thing,” said Leigh Pisano, Courtney’s mother.

The mosaic project is the largest fundraiser so far for Children’s Lasting Power, but Courtney doesn’t intend for it to be the last.

She’s already thinking ahead to next year when she is going to partner with another organization to try to raise $11,000 to build a kitchen for a school in Malawi.

Gotta love how she came up with an awesome fundraising idea linking a world record attempt with raising funds for orphaned children.

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Unique Fundraising Idea – Ninja Challenge Obstacle Course

A group of young men have put together a unique fundraising idea – a Ninja Challenge Obstacle Course featuring a 5k run with a plethora of challenges confronting you along the way.

Unique fundraising idea - Ninja Challenge Obstacle Course

The Ninja Challenge is a 5k run filled with challenges to bring out your inner ninja. The course includes a 12-foot wall to climb over, a water-filled pit where you swing across Tarzan-style using a series of dangling pipes on ropes, a vertical chimney climb between two 12-foot walls, another obstacle where you leap from rooftop to rooftop, and many more obstacles along the way.

Volunteers are stationed at each obstacle to coach and encourage competitors. You can opt out of any obstacle that is beyond your capabilities by doing pushups or situps.

Its all in good fun to raise funds for the Red Cross and honor a late friend of the organizing group.

The entry fee is $55 and contestants will compete in waves, with staggered starts every 30 minutes and prizes for top performances.

Each wave of contestants will contain a “Super Ninja” to test your ninja chops against.  If you beat the Super Ninja in your wave, then you earn a spot in the Super Ninja Hall of Fame and a free entry in a future fundraising challenge.

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Green Fundraisers Help Environment While Raising Money For Schools

Across the nation, school groups are using green fundraisers to raise money and promote environmental awareness among students says Kimberly Reynolds of

School groups are increasingly turning to eco-friendly green fundraisers to raise much-needed funds while promoting environmental awareness among students and their families. Popular green fundraisers include recycling used printer cartridges, cell phones, laptops, and other obsolete small electronic items in exchange for cash payments from recycling companies.

“Green fundraisers are becoming more popular every year,” says Kimberly Reynolds, author of Fundraising Success and owner of the popular website. “Many school groups see these types of fundraising activities as teaching positive values to the students while providing a much-needed service to the community.”

“A recycling fundraiser can also be a year-round silent fundraiser just by providing drop-off boxes at schools and local businesses for disposal of used electronic items,” adds Reynolds. “Providing convenient drop-off boxes at various locations around town ensures the safe disposal of used electronic items while providing school groups with considerable revenue each year.”

Another eco-friendly fundraiser involves organizing community cleanup activities where supporters contribute a small amount per pound of waste collected. A Saturday cleanup of a recreational lake or nearby river can result in thousands of pounds of trash being gathered and removed from community property. To raise funds, school groups solicit family members, friends, and local business owners to contribute a penny per pound of trash removed from the cleanup site and then tally their haul.

Collecting one hundred pledges means a school group can raise one dollar per pound of trash collected or $2,000 per ton. Many groups report their volunteers collect several tons of discarded refuse from riverbanks and other illegal dumping sites while performing their community cleanup.