Halloween Fundraiser

Halloween Fundraiser – Here’s a great way to raise funds¬†with a Pumpkin Patch Halloween fundraiser that only takes a little bit of upfront money to get started.

Here’s what you’ll need for your halloween fundraiser:

  • A good roadside spot for sales
  • Hay bales for backdrop
  • A truckload of pumpkins

Line up your location, organize your volunteers into sales teams, and head to the local Farmer’s Market to buy a truckload of pumpkins and a dozen hay bales.

Spread out a few bales of hay on the ground and use the rest as backdrops. Scatter your pumpkins around on the hay with the best side facing the street.

Place roadside signs starting a few hundred yards away so drivers don’t have to decide at the last split-second to turn off into your parking area.

Price your Halloween pumpkins to make a profit, but don’t go overboard on the markup. Use the Saturday before Halloween for an all out push on pumpkin sales. Offer face painting and other fun activities to draw a crowd.

¬†And that’s how you put together your own Halloween fundraiser.